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Table 3 Effect of the telemedicine program implementation on maternal outcomes and perinatal mortality

From: Experience of a telehealth and education program with maternal and perinatal outcomes in a low-resource region in Colombia

Outcome OR crude (IC95%)
OR adjusted (IC95%)
p-value adjusted for FDR
Maternal outcomes 0.9 (0.5–1.5); p = 0.56 0.85a (0.5–1.4); p = 0.56
Perinatal mortality 0.19 (0.04–0.64); 0.002 0.22b (0.07–0.71); p = 0.022
  1. aOR Adjusted for Health insurance and level of education. b OR adjusted for education level, parity> 3, cesarean section, pregnancy outcomes, MEOWS at admission to FVL