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Table 4 Topological properties of co-occurrence network

From: Effect of breast milk with or without bacteria on infant gut microbiota

  IBM (n = 11) ISM (n = 6)
Network diameter 8.0 3.0
Clustering coefficient 0.6 0.8
Average degree 6.2 2.5
Modularity 0.6 0.5
Nodes 44.0 25.0
Edges 136.0 31.0
  1. Network diameter: The maximum distance between any two nodes in a network. Clustering coefficient: The percentage of neighbors of a node that can reach another neighbor without passing through it. Average degree: Edges of all nodes divided by total number of nodes. A network with a higher average degree is more complex. Modularity: A parameter that assesses whether the network can be divided into several modules. IBM Infants fed with bacterial milk, ISM Infants fed with sterile milk