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Table 3 Milk bacteria with relative abundance greater than 1% and their relationship with oxygen

From: Effect of breast milk with or without bacteria on infant gut microbiota

  Relative abundance (%) Relationship with oxygen
Streptococcus 30.1 Facultative anaerobic
Staphylococcus 20.2 Facultative anaerobic
Bacillus 7.4 Aerobic or facultative anaerobic
Gemella 5.7 Aerobic or facultative anaerobic
Rothia 5.4 Aerobic
Acinetobacter 4.3 Obligate aerobic
Lactobacillus 2.5 Anaerobic
Clostridium_sensu_stricto_1 1.1 Strict anaerobic
Other 23.3 -
  1. The relationship between genera and oxygen was obtained by searching the eighth edition of Berger’s Handbook of Bacteria