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Table 7 Experiences of care and acceptability of research (Women Phase 2): Sample quotations

From: Better maternity care pathways in pregnancies after stillbirth or neonatal death: a feasibility study


Sub theme


‘Good idea, variable practice’

Feeling supported and cared for

‘…but when I first started going, erm, again, I started…it was, like, before I went into the study and before I…before I got under a specific consultant, I was seeing quite a few different people

And that was then when I went into the study. So I could speak to [care coordinator] then, after that. And she…she then got me back in to see Dr[consultant]and, from that point on then, I was seeing Dr [consultant] more. So I had, like, a lead consultant…

And, you know, and…and then I had [care coordinator] as someone who, you know, she…she was great, as in, you know, she give me her number to, you know, text me whenever you…’ Sallya

Building supportive relationships

‘I am aware that [care coordinator] has really taken note of my pregnancy to the point where, you know, she’s seen my baby and she’s got a picture of that. I never have done that in any of my pregnancies. So, that, that is quite nice to know. And actually, I suppose it’s an understanding that it can sometimes mean as much to your midwife as it does to you, and I think you miss that sometimes, but…’ Louisea

‘Erm, but the thing I liked about [care coordinator] was…is that unlike the other professionals she spoke to both of us. And she always asked after [partner] and was concerned about him and erm…yeah, and just talked to him as well. And that was, that was something that [partner] and I hadn't really seen before. Erm…’ Fionaa

System needs ‘tweaking’

‘but within the community, I don't think I've seen the same midwife twice. And then, my hospital appointments, I know that I had a named, sort of, midwife. Erm, and again, I think that is good, but again, you’ve got holidays. And like, one time, I went in, and I knew, I'd had a message off [care coordinator], she'd texted me…to introduce herself, and say, this is the number if you need anything. Erm, and I'd asked, I said, oh is she here, and they said, oh she's just finished.’ Madisona

‘…and I spoke to her a load of times on the phone and it was weird because every time I had an appointment, she either was at [name of unit] when I was here or was on annual leave but I did speak to her a lot and she rang me up quite a lot and we chatted.’ Patriciaa

Research participation: ‘a worthwhile experience’

Making a difference

‘Yeah. Yeah, I think it helps me personally and then I feel like I’m going to make a difference to somebody else as well because [baby murmurs] the more you find out through this study the…maybe you can do something to help other women maybe deal with it a bit better than what I would have done if you know what I mean.’ Saheenaa

‘Yeah. Then in that case I feel like it’s… Yeah. For me, personally, it’s been useful. No, I think I just want to say that y-, I know that it can be difficult to get social research approved in the NHS, but I think… Particularly where it’s a sensitive kind of subject, all the ethics of it and all this, that and the other. But I just… I think it’s great that you’re…that the hospital or the trust or whoever have kind of taking the time to do this…’ Louisea

My voice was heard

‘Yeah, because you’d never speak to someone, you know, you’d never know, you know, we’ve spoke quite a bit, haven’t we Erm, so, yeah, I…I’m…I’ve found it a benefit, I think it’s good. And being able to give my feedback about how good it’s been really.’ Sallya

  1. a All names are pseudonyms