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Table 1 Care coordinator proposed role

From: Better maternity care pathways in pregnancies after stillbirth or neonatal death: a feasibility study



Recruitment (≤ 20 weeks’ gestation)

• Meet with woman (and partner or birth partner)

• With woman and lead obstetrician, devise/ review care plan to include schedule of visits, monitoring any additional investigation

Antenatal contacts

• Provide midwifery care, where possible, during scheduled antenatal visits

• If woman having additional appointments/investigations e.g., medical clinics, liaise with multidisciplinary professionals, departments to ensure effective communication

• Be available for non-urgent contacts, maintain regular contact (by woman’s preferred method SMS, call, email, e.g., 1–2 weekly to ascertain need for further support)

Intrapartum care plan

• Initiate discussion/planning of intrapartum care determine individual needs and preferences. Written plan in notes, visit labour ward, introductions to staff


• Make contact within 72 h of birth, final contact before transfer to (primary care) health visitora

  1. a Specialist public health nurse, who supports families with children under 5 in UK