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Table 4 Patient satisfaction and user experience

From: Telemonitoring for COVID-19 positive pregnant women; feasibility and user experience of SAFE@home Corona: prospective pilot study

Characteristics N = 24
Patient satisfaction (appropriateness and acceptability) Median (IQRa)
Utility and usefulness
 Q1. Usefullness app and saturation meter in general 8.0 (8.0–9.0)
Usefullness app and saturation meter:
 Q3. For course of corona infection 8.0 (8.0–9.0)
 Q4. To obtain insight in my level of oxygen saturation 9.0 (8.0–9.0)
 Q5. To experience more control over my health 8.0 (7.3–9.0)
 Q6. To feel safer during my corona infection 8.0 (8.0–10.0)
Clarity of instructions
 Q8. Use of the saturation meter 9.5 (8.0–10.0)
 Q9. Use of the application 9.0 (8.0–10.0)
 Q10. The placement of any remarks 6.0 (5.0–8.0)
 Q11. The to be received reminders 8.0 (8.0–10.0)
 Q15. When to contact health care provider 8.0 (8.0–9.0)
 Q16. Who to contact with health related issues 8.0 (8.0–9.0)
 Q17.Who to contact with technical issues 7.0 (5.0–8.0)
O2- saturation mesurement experience 10.0 (9.0–10.0)
Added value of SAFE@home-corona (user experience)
 Q22. Safety or reassurance 9.0 (8.0–10.0)
Contact with MMCc, Q34. (n = 15) (user experience) 8.5 (7.8–10.0)
Recommendation score (user experience)
 Q19. Other COVID-19 patients 9.5 (8.0–10.0)
 Q20. Other pregnant women 10.0 (8.0–10.0)
  1. aIQR Interquartile Range
  2. bQ Question
  3. cMMC Medical Management Centre