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Table 4 Pros and Cons of room-in versus temporary separation

From: Preparation and consideration for establishment of an isolation maternity unit in a tertiary hospital during COVID-19 pandemic

Neonatal Considerations Pros Cons
Room-in Potentially less resource intensive during the pandemic
Enhance bonding between mother and baby and long-term neonatal development
Promotes establishment of breastfeeding and inherent benefits of breastmilk, including presence of SARS-CoV-2 specific IgA and IgG in the milk
Risk of horizontal transmission
Temporary separation Reduce risk of horizontal transmission
Benefits of breast milk can still be reaped through feeding of Expressed Breast Milk (EBM)
Symptomatic mothers who are unwell and physically unfit to take care of baby would benefit from help from hospital staff who temporarily take care of baby
Limits establishment of mother-baby bonding