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Table 5 Shows the types of food groups consumed by pregnant women in the previous 24 h in Awash seven district, of Ethiopia

From: Dietary diversity practice and its influencing factors among pregnant women in Afar region of Ethiopia: mixed method study

Dietary diversity score Mean ± S.D
The overall mean of dietary diversity score 3.1 ± 1.38
The mean of poor dietary diversity score 2.44 ± 0.6
The mean of good dietary diversity score 5 ± 1.075
Food groups No (%)
Starchy Staple (cereal based like eragrostis tef, wheat and corn) 220 (91.3)
Dark green leafy vegetables (kale and spinach) 44 (18.3)
other vitamin A rich foods and vegetables (mango, papaya and orange) 61 (25.3)
Other fruits and vegetables (avocado, lemon, cabbage, banana and apple 61 (25.3)
Organ meat 5 (2.1)
Meat and fish 35 (14.5)
Eggs 41 (17)
Legume, nuts and seeds 149 (61.8)
Milk and milk products 139 (57.7)
  1. SD standard deviation