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Table 1 Mistreatment typology, index, and question variable

From: Mistreatment during childbirth and postnatal period reported by women in Nepal —a multicentric prevalence study

Mistreatment typology Index Questions/indicators
Abuse (physical, verbal, and sexual) Abuse during labor or birth Question 285. Were you or your newborn physically, verbally, or sexually abused during labor or childbirth or after birth?
Stigma and discrimination Religious/cultural standards not met Question 284. Did the health service meet your religious and cultural birthing practice needs?
Failure to meet professional standards of care Not staying at least 24 h Question 241. Did you stay at the health facility for at least 24 h after an uncomplicated vaginal birth?
Baby not examined in presence of women Question 276. Did a medical doctor examine your baby while you were present?
Baby not examined before discharge Question 277. Did a health worker examine your baby before discharge?
Not adequately informed on the care provided Question 280. Were you adequately informed by the care provider about examinations, actions, and decisions taken for your care?
Refusal of care due to inability to pay Question 287 Were you refused care because of inability to pay?
Poor rapport between women and providers Not counseled on maternal danger signs Question 272. Did the health worker counsel you on danger signs of the mother during delivery and postnatal period?
Not counseled on neonatal danger signs Question 274. Did the health worker counsel you on danger signs of baby during delivery and the postnatal period?
Not counseled before discharge Question 278. Before discharge, did you receive counseling from a skilled health service provider?
Not counseled on exclusive breastfeeding Question 248. Did you receive written or verbal information and counseling on exclusive breastfeeding until 6 complete months before discharge?
No opportunity to discuss any concerns Question 279. Were you given the opportunity to discuss any concerns and preferences?