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Table 9 Women indicated difficulties in completion on the separate items of the Mothers Autonomy in Decision Making Scale and Mothers on Respect Index (n = 621)

From: Assessing Dutch women’s experiences of labour and birth: adaptations and psychometric evaluations of the measures Mothers on Autonomy in Decision Making Scale, Mothers on Respect Index, and Childbirth Experience Questionnaire 2.0

  Difficult to complete item
N (%)
Mothers’ Autonomy in Decision Making scale
 Item 1 My midwife/obstetrician asked me how involved in decision making I wanted to be 67 (10.8)
 Item 2 My midwife/obstetrician told me there are different options for maternity care 22 (3.5)
 Item 3 My midwife/obstetrician explained the advantages and disadvantages of the maternity care options 4 (0.6)
 Item 4 My midwife/obstetrician helped me understand all information 0 (0.0)
 Item 5 I was given enough time to thoroughly consider the different maternity care options 13 (2.1)
 Item 6 I was able to choose what I consider to be the best car options 8 (1.3)
 Item 7 My midwife/obstetrician respected that choice 4 (0.6)
Mothers on Respect Index
 Item 1 Comfortable asking questions 9 (1.4)
 Item 2 Comfortable declining care that was offered 15 (2.4)
 Item 3 Comfortable accepting the options for care that my midwife/obstetrician recommended 11 (1.8)
 Item 4 Coerced into accepting the options my midwife/obstetrician suggested 13 (2.1)
 Item 5 I chose the care options that I received 17 (2.7)
 Item 6 My personal preferences were respected 10 (1.6)
 Item 7 My personal cultural preferences were respected  
 During childbirth I held back from asking questions of discussing my concerns 4 (0.6)
  Item 8 Because my midwife/obstetrician seemed rushed 5 (0.8)
  Item 9 Because I wanted maternity care differed from what my midwife/obstetrician recommended 4 (0.6)
  Item 10 Because I thought my maternity care provider might think you were being difficult 4 (0.6)
 During childbirth I felt that I was treated poorly by my midwife/obstetrician  
  Item 11 Because of my race ethnicity, cultural background or language 6 (1.0)
  Item 12 Because of my sexual orientation and/or gender identity 11 (1.8)
  Item 13 Because of my supplementary health insurance 9 (1.4)
  Item 14 Because of a difference in opinion with your caregivers about the right care for yourself of your baby 11 (1.8)