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Table 2 Search strategy modified the terms

From: What are the strategies for implementing primary care models in maternity? A systematic review on midwifery units

Search terms: Order Search strings
Implementation 1 Mesh terms for implementation
2 Keyword search: implementation OR implement* OR “knowledge translation” OR innovation OR utili#ation OR “scale up” OR feasab* OR sustainab* OR “service improvement” OR barrier* OR facilitator* OR enabler* OR adopt* OR diffusion OR establish* OR open* OR transition OR provision OR embed* OR integrat* OR planning OR preparation OR “implement* strategy*” OR promot*
3 1 OR 2
Midwifery units 4 Mesh terms for midwifery units
5 Keyword search: “midwifery unit” OR “midwi* led birth* cent*” OR “birth* unit” OR “birth* cent*” OR “birth setting” OR “low risk birth* cent*” or “midwi* unit “OR “midwi* led unit” OR “low-risk birth* room*” or “midwife-led room* “OR “midwi* cent* “OR “low-risk birth* cent*” OR “homely birthplace” OR “homely birth place” OR “homely birth* room*” OR “normal birth* unit”
6 4 OR 5
Full search 7 3 AND 6