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Table 1 Intervention group training program (cognitive-behavioral training)

From: Effect of short-term psychological intervention on anxiety of pregnant women with positive screening results for chromosomal disorders: a randomized controlled trial

Session Structure and content of meetings Practice in each session and homework
First session Introduction of the researcher, overview of the content of sessions, expression of clients’ feelings about the result of screening, training about the importance, features, benefits, risks, and differences between screening tests in the first and second trimester, and also anxiety and relaxation training. Making a chart at home and writing down all negative thoughts and the degree of belief in them, and also the negative emotions and their intensity.
Second session Review of previous session homework and misconceptions about the cause of screening anxiety, A-B-C chain training (A for activating event, B for beliefs or thoughts, and C for emotional outcomes), and relaxation. The mother was asked to draw negative thoughts, describe time, place, and trigger in the situation section, and write negative thoughts in the next column and negative emotions in the column after. The downward arrow method helped the mother to achieve the basic schema, and then the technique of challenging negative thoughts was used. Types of cognitive errors and classification of automatic thoughts were explained.
Third session The pregnant woman was given the opportunity to become acquainted with important cognitive distortions in order to identify these intellectual errors in her thoughts and examine them using the downward arrow method.
Mindfulness training, strengthening positive thoughts, and relaxation methods were carried out.
Participants were asked to describe their obsessive-compulsive behaviors. Then the reinforcement of the mother’s positive thoughts and the consequences of beliefs and practice of thought induction were explained. Homework was provided.
Fourth session An overview of the previous session, plan to change automatic thoughts, and train mindfulness were done, the woman was encouraged to continue the exercises and give feedback. Mindfulness training and empowerment of participants to have mindfulness in daily activities were performed.