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Table 5 Participants’ views about expectant management (both comparisons non-significant)

From: Women’s attitudes, beliefs and values about tests, and management for hypertensive disorders of pregnancy

Question Response Preterm (n = 545) Term (n = 262)
   n % n %
21. If I am diagnosed with severe preeclampsia, I am uncomfortable with doctors trying to evaluate when to deliver the baby to “buy time.” It is better to deliver as soon as possible. Agree 169 31.0 103 39.3
Disagree 376 69.0 159 60.7
22. If I reached a point where I had to choose, I would rather see how long I could stay pregnant – even if this causes me to face some risks to my own health – rather than risk my baby being born too early. Agree 401 73.6 187 71.4
Disagree 144 26.4 75 28.6