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Table 4 Prevalence of each extreme profile of obstetric intervention patterns observed in Hospitals in Belo Horizonte City, Minas Gerais State

From: Coexistence and prevalence of obstetric interventions: an analysis based on the grade of membership

Profiles Weighted prevalence Gik = 1
Profiles 1   n (%)
Parturient women who were offered food, parturient women allowed to have freedom to move, use of partogram, adoption of non-pharmacological methods for pain relief, giving birth in lying position, lack of Kristeller maneuver and amniotomy, no oxytocin infusion and analgesia using, and lack of episiotomy 57.59 142 (24.15 %)
Profiles 2   
Parturient women who were not offered food and did not have freedom to move, who did not use partogram and non-pharmacological methods for pain relief, as well as who underwent enema, Perineal shaving, Kristeller maneuver, amniotomy, oxytocin infusion, analgesia and episiotomy 42.24 65 (11.05 %)