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Table 1 Description of study variables

From: Coexistence and prevalence of obstetric interventions: an analysis based on the grade of membership

Obstetric practices put in place during labor and delivery
Variables Collection instrument Categories
Useful practices that should be encouraged
 Providing food to parturient women Interview Yes; no; non-informed
 Allowing parturient women to have freedom to move Interview Yes; no; non-informed
 Use of Partogram (tool used to assess labor evolution) Medical Record Yes; no
 Adopting Non-Pharmacological Methods (NPM) for pain relief Interview Yes; no; non-informed
Harmful or ineffective practices that must be eliminated
 Enema Medical Record Yes; no
 Perineal shaving Medical Record Yes; no
 “Lying parturient women on their back with legs up” - position at delivery time Interview Yes; no; non-informed
 Kristeller maneuver Interview and medical record Yes; no; non-informed
Practices inappropriately used at L and delivery time
 Amniotomy Medical Record Yes; no; non-informed
 Oxytocin infusion Medical Record Yes; no; non-informed
 Analgesia Medical Record Yes; no
 Episiotomy Medical Record Yes; no; non-informed
  1. NPM Non-pharmacological methods for pain relief, L labor