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Table 1  Study timeline for intervention and data collection

From: Protocol for an interventional study to reduce postpartum weight retention in obese mothers using the internet of things and a mobile application: a randomized controlled trial (SpringMom)

   Trial duration
   Obtain consent   Intervention Completion
Pregnancy, postpartum   Start of trial During pregnancy Delivery 1 month
6 weeks
6 months
12 months
24 months
  Obtain consent ×         
  Registration ×         
Regular management Regular medical care, guidance (maternity checkups)Regular health guidance    (maternity checkup→→ (1-month postpartum checkup)   
Measure at home Weight, body composition       
Activity, sleep       
Blood pressure Blood Pressure       
Postal checkups Postal checkup (blood glucose, HbA1c, etc.)       
App intervention Weight, activity, sleep   →→→→→→→    →→→ →→→→→→  
Meal photos   →→→→→→→    →→→ →→→→→→  
Mother and Child Handbook Maternity checkup data (urine test, blood pressure, weight)          
Pregnancy outcome data          
Questionnaire Background, lifestyle          
Breastfeeding status         
Breastfeeding process          
Behavioral changes (attitude, knowledge)         
User-friendliness of devices         
Desire to continue using IoT after end of study          
  1. Both groups, intervention group only