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Table 4 Identified themes and sub-themes

From: Gestational diabetes mellitus: a qualitative study of lived experiences of South Asian immigrant women and perspectives of their health care providers in Melbourne, Australia

Major themes Sub-themes
Heterogeneity of South Asian women • Diversity in language, religion, practices and attitudes; but universality in ‘lack of self-care’
Health care providers: Major challenges
Information provision
Providing optimal GDM care
• Busy clinics, no time to individualise information
• Difficulty managing vegetarians
• Difficulty emphasising importance of exercise in pregnancy
Women: Major challenges
Information on lifestyle modification
• Food
• Exercise
• Lack of culture specific advice
• Confusion – lifestyle messages unclear
▪ Relating to food types, portion size, cooking methods, timing
▪ Exercise in pregnancy
• One size fits all approach – no advice pertaining to women’s cultural and regional food consumption patterns
Women’s GDM experiences:
GDM controlling pregnancy
• Constant state of hunger
• Pregnancy experience related to checking blood sugars all the time
• Increasing diagnosis of GDM in pregnancy