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Table 3 Structured Interview Questions

From: A prenatal group based phone counseling intervention to improve breastfeeding rates and complementary feeding: a randomized, controlled pilot and feasibility trial

Structured Interview Questions
Post Intervention Questions
 What did you like about this program?
 What did you dislike about this program?
 Did the intervention help you determine how you wanted to feed your baby?
 Were the weekly group calls at a time you were generally available?
 What did you like about the phone meetings and what did you not like about the phone meetings?
 Was there anything about the calls that you would change?
 Would you participate in another intervention using phone meetings?
 What do you think we could do in order to make this program better?
 Would you recommend this program to a friend?
 For the future, instead of a phone meeting would you like to receive information in a different way such as a short video format, manual only, in person, etc.?
 6 Month Follow up Questions:
 Do you feel the information you received on the phone calls was beneficial for breastfeeding your baby and introducing solids, if you have done that yet?
 What information that you received on the phone calls did you find most helpful while breastfeeding and introducing solids, if you have done that yet?
 Is there any information you did not receive during the phone calls that you wish you had received that would have made breastfeeding or introducing solids more successful?
 Did you use your participant handbook after baby arrived to look up information?
 Do you feel participating in the intervention helped you reach your breastfeeding goals?
 Any overall feedback that you would like to give?