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Table 1 PBLI Lessons

From: A prenatal group based phone counseling intervention to improve breastfeeding rates and complementary feeding: a randomized, controlled pilot and feasibility trial

Lesson Objectives of Lesson
Introduction to Breastfeeding Understand what to feed baby
Understand the benefits of breastfeeding
Learn the recommendations for breastfeeding duration
Compare breastfeeding myths
Breastfeeding Basics Understand the parts of the breast
Learn how breastmilk is made in your body
Learn about supply and demand
Learn how much baby should be eating
Learn common breastfeeding difficulties and solutions
Pumping 101 Understand why pumping is useful
Learn how to stare, thaw, and warm milk
Understand how to start pumping
Learn about different pumps
Understand how to increase supply
Back to work Understand legal rights at work
Understand how to prepare for return to work
Learn about common breastfeeding difficulties once back to work
Complementary Feeding Understand when to start solids
Learn what type of solid foods to feed your baby
Understand how much your infant should be eating
Explore mealtime tips and choking hazards
Nutrition and Physical Activity for Breastfeeding Understand what to eat while breastfeeding
Understand nutrient density
Learn when to incorporate physical activity
Learn practical tips for eating healthy after baby