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Table 4 Details of compliance with each element of the Sepsis Six Care Bundle (SSCB) for pregnant women (N = 33) diagnosed with probable sepsis in maternity wards of 3 hospitals of a health board in Scotland

From: Sepsis scoring systems and use of the Sepsis six care bundle in maternity hospitals

Care/therapy Compliance with the care at any time point
n (%)
Oxygen 9 (27.3%)
Blood culture 32 (97%)
Full blood count and other lab tests 32 (97%)
Intravenous antibiotics 31 (93.9%)
Intravenous fluid 31 (93.9%)
Catheter 26 (78.8%)
  1. Note: Only for 2 cases SSCB was delivered within the prescribed one-hour period - reported times being 35 and 40 min from time zero