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Table 2 Definition and description of flows and aseptic procedures used for the analysis

From: Hand hygiene during facility-based childbirth in Cambodia: a theory-driven, mixed-methods observational study

Flow Labour Delivery Newborn Aftercare
Description Vaginal examinations Approximated to begin as birth attendants were donning full personal protective equipment and concluded after the delivery of the placentaa Approximated to begin when contact with the newborn is made to separate from the mother for initial weighing & body inspection and concluded when the newborn is brought back to the mother
Suturing of the perineumb
Aseptic procedures of interest Vaginal wiping Artificial rupture of membranes Newborn full body inspection
Fingers in vagina Episiotomy Umbilical cord examination
Assisted delivery using forceps or vacuum Newborn immunisation
Newborn delivered  
Newborn cleaned
Controlled cord traction
Placenta delivered including manual removal
Sweeping of uterus post-delivery
Vaginal & rectal examination post- delivery
Perineum sutured
Vaginal & rectal examination post- suturing
Vaginal wiping
  1. aAny procedures that were done on the newborn baby prior to its first separation from the mother for weighing and body examination were considered part of the delivery flow
  2. bA separate delivery flow would be indicated if suturing of the perineum was performed