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Table 1 Inclusion criteria and search strategy

From: When birth is not as expected: a systematic review of the impact of a mismatch between expectations and experiences

Inclusion criteria and example search terms
Criteria Specification Search terms
Population Perinatal women (pregnancy to 1 year postnatal) pregnancy OR pregnant OR pre-nat* OR prepart* OR ante-nat* OR antenat* OR ante-part* OR peri-nat* OR perinat* OR peri-part* OR peripart* OR puerper* OR post-nat* OR postnat* OR post-part* OR postpart* OR mother* OR birth OR childbirth
Observation A mismatch between birth expectations (measured in pregnancy) and birth experiences (measured after birth).
The mismatch could refer to: procedures performed during birth, pain relief, feelings of control, emotions felt during birth.
The mismatch must have been calculated through the use of discrepancy scores, or grouping of participants (i.e. labour/birth expectations were the same as labour/birth experiences (match) vs labour/birth expectations were different to labour/birth experiences (mismatch).
expect* OR belief OR desire OR predict* OR prefer*) AND (experienc* OR perception* OR perceiv* OR mismatch OR discrepancy OR satisfaction OR outcome OR mode OR “Obstetric outcome”)
Outcome Postnatal outcomes in women, their partners and/or their children (aged 0–5 years). These can be psychological or physical. health OR wellbeing OR problem* OR mental OR emotion* OR psychiatr* OR anxi* OR depress* OR affect* OR trauma OR PTSD OR stress OR ASD OR Disorder* OR illness OR symptom* OR breast* OR relationship OR bonding OR attachment OR child* OR infant
Study design Empirical research.
Intervention papers were included if they had baseline information (pre-intervention) or a ‘treatment as usual’ control group
Information sources
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  ■ CINAHL (1982- present)
  ■ Medline (1946- present)
  ■ PsychArticles (1967- present)
  ■ PsycINFO (1806 – present)
 • SCOPUS (2004 - present)
 • PubMed (1910-present)
 • Web of Science (1970 – present):
  ■ Science Citation Index Expanded (1970-present)
  ■ Social Sciences Citation Index (1970-present)
  ■ Art & Humanities Citation Index (1975-present)
  ■ Conference Proceedings Citation Index-Science (1990-present)
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