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Table 1 Stepwise regression analysis of objective factors related to maternal death

From: Maternal mortality ratio in Jiangsu Province, China: recent trends and associated factors

Factors Coef 95% CIa P*
Primary industry of GDP 1.24E-06 4.29E-07 2.06E-06 0.003
Rate of delivery in maternal and child health hospital -1.28E-04 -2.78E-04 2.26E-05 0.094
Rate of cesarean section 3.32E-04 6.64E-05 5.97E-04 0.015
Rate of low birth weight 3.52E-03 1.29E-03 5.74E-03 0.003
  1. * Significance level: P < 0.1
  2. aCI Confidence interval