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Table 1 Demographics of Interviewees

From: The views of postnatal women and midwives on midwives providing contraceptive advice and methods: a mixed method concurrent study

Participant Code (Midwives) Role Years Qualified
Midwife A1 Community and hospital 3
Midwife A2 Birthing Unit 22
Midwife A3 Newborn Infant Physical Examination, postnatal clinic 13
Midwife A4 Labour ward 13
Midwife B1 Midwifery -led unit 8
Midwife B2 Ward midwife 4
Midwife B3 Outpatient midwife and Termination of Pregnancy clinic 29
Midwife B4 Delivery suite 5
Midwife C1 Community midwife 30
Midwife C2 Hospital based. Rotational 9
Midwife C3 Safeguarding midwife 34
Midwife C4 Research midwife with experience of other roles 14
Midwife C5 Theatres midwife/ HTU 2
Midwife C6 Research midwife 16
Midwife D1 Central Delivery Suite 5
Midwife D2 Delivery suite 1
Midwife D3 Community Midwife 19
Midwife D4 Foetal medicine midwife/previously labour ward 7
Midwife E1 Teenage midwife 22
Midwife E2 Hospital based Missing
Midwife E3 Hospital based 4
Participant Code (Women) Age Family Complete
Woman A10 23 Not Sure
Woman D1 32 Not Sure
Woman B19 36 Yes
Woman B35 34 No
Woman C14 37 Yes
Woman C16 25 Yes
Woman C26 34 Yes
Woman C31 Missing Yes
Woman C35 35 Yes
Woman C40 30 No