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Table 2 Association between low FSF and fecundability in women from the S-PRESTO study

From: Fecundability in reproductive aged women at risk of sexual dysfunction and associated risk factors: a prospective preconception cohort study

     Crude model Adjusted modela
  n Pregnancies Cycles FR 95% CI FR 95% CI
 Yes 302 109 980 0.82 0.61, 1.09 0.73 0.54, 0.99
 No 211 85 866 1.00 (ref.) 1.00 (ref.)
  1. Analyzed using the discrete-time proportional hazards model. CI confidence interval; FR fecundability ratio; FSF female sexual function; S-PRESTO Singapore PREconception Study of long-Term maternal and child Outcomes.
  2. aAdjusted for age, ethnicity, education, parity and body mass index