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Table 3 Participants’ reasons for not consuming iron and folic acid supplements (N = 330)

From: Prevalence of iron and folic acid supplements consumption and associated factors among pregnant women in Eswatini: a multicenter cross-sectional study

Reasons n %
Long walking distance to health facility 27 8.2
Transport costs 40 12.1
Safe previous pregnancies without iron and folic acid supplements 56 17.0
Advised by friends/relatives not to consume 54 16.4
Use of traditional medicine 34 10.3
Forgetfulness 83 25.2
Side effects 89 27.0
Inadequate supplya 34 10.3
Tablets were out of stock in facility 47 14.2
Dislike medication 27 8.2
Number of barriers; Mean (SD) 1.49 (1.21)
  1. Number of barriers score range: 0–10. A high total score indicates more barriers. aInadequate supply: cases where participants were supplied with pills not covering the period up to next visit. SD standard deviation