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Table 4 Contribution of intervention to practice change during OBS Cymru

From: Reduction in massive postpartum haemorrhage and red blood cell transfusion during a national quality improvement project, Obstetric Bleeding Strategy for Wales, OBS Cymru: an observational study

Intervention Importance to practice change, n = 29
(1- not important, 5- most important)
Median (IQR)
Quantitative measurement of blood loss 5 (4–5)
Team working 5 (3–5)
Point-of-care testing of coagulation 5 (3–5)
Paperwork proforma 4 (1–4)
  1. Legend: Responses were 37.9% midwifery, 37.9% anaesthesia, 17.2% obstetrics, 6.9% haematology. Free text responses describing changes in individual practice included ‘awareness of ongoing blood loss’, ‘proactive rather than reactive’, ‘consistent management’, ‘appropriate product administration’, ‘communication and team-working’. Barriers to implementation were reported by 69% (20/29) with the most common theme being training (70%, 14/20). This was also the leading response for overcoming barriers 53.5% (8/15)