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Table 1 General and intervention-specific items measuring informal coercion

From: Informal coercion during childbirth: risk factors and prevalence estimates from a nationwide survey of women in Switzerland

General Pressure Did any of the health professionals pressure you into agreeing to an examination or medical intervention?
Intervention-specific Information I was adequately informed about the pros and cons.
Time I had enough time to think about it before having to decide.
Agreement I agreed with the decision.
Opposition I spoke out against the measure.
Intimidation I had been made anxious that something could happen to me or my child if I did not agree to the procedure.
Manipulation I feel like I was given information designed to coax me into agreeing to the procedure.
  1. Only women who had undergone a specified obstetric intervention were asked intervention-specific questions, which addressed only the relevant intervention (e.g., “Which of the following statements apply to the induction of labor?”)