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Table 2 Phase 1: Median Question Scores for 103 LactaMap CPGs

From: Integrating approaches for quality guideline development in LactaMap, an online lactation care support system

AGREE II Item number Median Question Rating (Likert scale from 1 to 7)
Domain 3. Rigour of Development Phase 1 Original (103 CPGs)
7. Systematic methods were used to search for evidence 2
8. The criteria for selecting the evidence are clearly described 2
9. The strengths and limitations of the body of evidence are clearly described 4
10. The methods for formulating the recommendations are clearly described 5
11. The health benefits, side effects, and risks have been considered in formulating the recommendations 6
12. There is an explicit link between the recommendations and the supporting evidence 5
13. The guideline has been externally reviewed by experts prior to its publication 6
14. A procedure for updating the guideline is provided 4
Overall assessment question  
1. Rate the overall quality of this guideline 5