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Table 1 Inflammatory staging of the umbilical cord and placenta [17]

From: Labor dystocia and risk of histological chorioamnionitis and funisitis: a study from a single tertiary referral center

Score of the umbilical cord
Stage Interpretation
1 Chorionic vasculitis or umbilical phlebitis
2 Involvement of the umbilical vein and one or more umbilical arteries
3 Necrotizing funisitis
Score of the placenta
Stage Interpretation
1 Acute subchorionitis or chorionitis
2 Acute chorioamnionitis: polymorphonuclear leukocytes extend into fibrous chorion and/or amnion
3 Necrotizing chorioamnionitis: karyorrhexis of polymorphonuclear leukocytes, amniocyte necrosis, and/or amnion basement membrane hypereosinophilia