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Table 3 The main categories and subcategories derived from the experience of mothers in the verification and assessment of maternal health information

From: Explaining the concept of maternal health information verification and assessment during pregnancy: a qualitative study

Categories Subcategories Codes
Validity of information resources Invalid sources -Lack of trust in the internet resources given their being virtual and the existence of errors
-Non-updated and incomplete information of the people around them for today’s world
-Non-reference to some sources due to non-belief in their scientific basis
-Lack of trust in the internet due to no-consideration of individual differences
Valid source -Book is a reliable source for mothers
-Full trust in the elderly given the belief in their wisdom Considering those around them as equal to the doctor in scientific regard
-The priority of receiving advice from health professionals compared to other sources
-Belief in the correctness of all contents of health network
-The importance of the experiences of individuals despite the lack of scientific proof
Reliance on information resources Indicators of assurance -Complete source, how to write a resource, Simple and understandable maternal health information,
-Trust the scientific, professional and up-to-date source of information citing the source of the content
-Generalization and similarity of the information received
-The frequency of a content heard as a standard for the correctness of it
-Accepting more proper information with individual circumstances
-Experience, being welcomed and approval of others
-Acceptance of information obtained based on reason and logic
-Selecting a resource without a specific criterion
Confusion and trying to obtain assurance -Searching and recognizing valid sources to get information
-Asking health professionals to confirm information from other sources Comparing the information received
-Searching multiple sources to achieve consensus and confidence
-Search for the validity of the source expressed in maternal health information
-Ignore the very slight differences in the content of different sources