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Table 4 Governance

From: Maternal and neonatal data collection systems in low- and middle-income countries for maternal vaccines active safety surveillance systems: A scoping review

Variable 1: DHIS2 2: GN MNHR 3: INDEPTH 4: OpenMRS 5: OpenSRP 6: SIP 7: PER/BDS 8: SmartCare
Sponsor/funding Norad, PEPFAR, BMGF, CDC, GAVI, UNICEF, WHO, UiO NICHD, BMGF WHO, BMGF, NIH, Wellcome Trust, Harvard University, Sida, GSK, Children’s investment fund foundation, Comic relief, Hewlett Foundation CDC, USAID, The Rockefeller Foundation Wellcome Trust, UNICEF, WHO, UBS, Qualcomm, PATH CLAP/PAHO PEPFAR, WHO, South Africa National Department of Health CDC
Institution(s) in charge of system development and updates University of Oslo RTI International INDEPTH Network Partners In Health, Regenstrief Institute, South African Medical Reserch Council Interactive Health Solutions, WHO CLAP/PAHO National Department of Health South Africa BroadReach Consulting LLC
Data privacy protection Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Description of the mechanism/Process Anonymized data Anonymized data Anonymized data Anonymized data Anonymized data Not applicable Anonymized data Anonymized data
External Protection (Cybersecurity) Yes Yes Yes N/A Yes No Yes Yes
Access Policies Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Description of the mechanism/ process User/password User/password User/password User/password User/password Not applicable User/password User/password
Backup policies Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Primary purpose of the system/data collection Clinical care Research Surveillance Clinical care Clinical care Clinical care Surveillance Clinical care