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Table 2 Framework: domains used to present the extracted data points

From: Maternal and neonatal data collection systems in low- and middle-income countries for maternal vaccines active safety surveillance systems: A scoping review

Governance Partnerships, both private and across government agencies, and coalitions; system policy and digital standards, including privacy and security; information and communication technology standards and documentation; geographical area of influence; primary purpose of the system (clinical care, research, information systems, mortality registries, insurance registries, birth registration)
System design Infrastructure development and maintenance; multilanguage; capacity to compile and transfer electronic data; data access; records linkage and interoperability integration; type of platform to be used; what other systems may link to, and how the systems integrate or interoperate.
Data management Data collection method used (paper, electronic, both, or not defined); Data entry: based on primary data entered into the registry or based on a secondary/duplicate data collection from existing source, standardized classification; who capture individual data (physician, patient)
Data sources The scale of the implementation of the registry (national, district, local); health sector involved (private, public, social security), the specified population captured by the registry data collection (total population, only subgroups/select population); variables that collect; prior use in post marketing surveillance.
Outcomes Maternal and perinatal outcomes based on GAIA project [15]
Neonatal death; Congenital anomalies; Neonatal infections; Preterm birth; Stillbirth; Low birth weight; Small for gestational age; Respiratory distress; Failure to thrive; Microencephaly; Neonatal encephalopathy; Neonatal seizures; Neurodevelopmental delay.
Maternal death; Fetal distress; Postpartum hemorrhage; Antenatal bleeding; Dysfunctional labour; Spontaneous abortion; Preeclamsia/Eclampsia; Foetal growth retardation; Gestational diabetes; Postpartum endometritis; Gestational Hypertension; Chorioamnionitis; Ectopic pregnancy; Premature preterm rupture of membranes; Preterm labor; Insufficient cervix
Data quality Data quality assurance practices; data quality assessments.