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Table 1 Comparison of the CoC model and standard team approach

From: The key components of a successful model of midwifery-led continuity of carer, without continuity at birth: findings from a qualitative implementation evaluation

CoC model Standard team approach
Women receive care from the same named midwife or a ‘back-up buddy’ throughout pregnancy and after birth Women to see a midwife from their team without an emphasis on continuity of carer.
Each midwife will have a maximum caseload of 60 women at any one time. Caseloads of around 100–120 women per midwife.
An additional home visit offered prior to the booking appointment to introduce the service and offer initial pregnancy health advice No home visit available.
90 min for booking appointments and 30 min for antenatal follow up appointments 60 min for booking appointment and 20 min for antenatal follow up appointments.
Midwives act as a care coordinator for women with higher risk pregnancies, consultant led or other hospital care. May also attend hospital appointments with women where desired/required. Standard care from midwives covering the community service, no availability to attend hospital appointments.
Additional postnatal appointments offered if required, tailored to an individual woman’s level of need. All postnatal care at home. Same, but the ability to tailor care or to offer extra appointments may be more restricted. Limited home visits postnatally.