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Table 4 Akaike information criterion (AIC) differences among the candidate nested models presented in Fig. 3

From: A hierarchical procedure to select intrauterine and extrauterine factors for methodological validation of preterm birth risk estimation

Added Risk Factor Number of Risk Factors AIC Value Δi
Preeclampsia 8 108.36 4.65
Antihypertensive Medication 9 104.47 0.76
Depression Level 10 104.84 1.13
Fetal Sex 11 103.71 0
Hormones Medication 12 109.62 5.91
  1. We focus on models from size 8 to 12 risk factors. The AIC difference is calculated as Δi=AICiAICmin. Starting from values of Δi>4 the level of empirical support of model i, with respect to the best model, is considerably less (see [94] ch.2 for a detailed explanation). We highlight in bold the AIC differences related to the models for which there is a substantial empirical support (i.e. Δi<4)