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Table 3 Eligibility criteria

From: Barriers and facilitators of facility-based kangaroo mother care in sub-Saharan Africa: a systematic review

Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
Studies conducted in sSA countries Studies not conducted in sSA countries
KMC in health facilities Community based KMC, home visits by health care workers
Published experimental and observational studies including randomized or non-randomized trials, cohort, case-controlled, cross-sectional survey, facility evaluations and qualitative studies Studies without primary data collection, such as reviews and study protocols, as well as those not demonstrating clear research methodology, including abstracts, conference proceedings, commentaries, letters and editorials.
Mother infant dyads including premature, low birthweight (LBW) (as defined by individual study authors) and term neonates (≤ 28 days) Studies with older infants, studies without human subjects