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Table 1 The loading of the items of the partner’s emotional reaction to pregnancy questionnaire

From: Partner’s emotional reaction to pregnancy mediates the relationship between pregnancy planning and prenatal mental health

Items Load factors
  Factor 1 Factor 2
Affect to pregnancy events (10 Items)
 Observing fetal movement in my abdomen is interesting to my partner .667  
 The news of this pregnancy made my partner happy .637  
 My partner’s emotional respond at the time of pregnancy diagnosis was satisfactory for me .632  
 Our health (me and baby) is important to my partner .616  
 My partner is constantly follow the growth of the fetus .601  
 I feel my partner makes an emotional connection with the fetus by touching my abdomen .599  
 Talking about the baby inside my belly is pleasant for my partner .598  
 My partner speaks about the fetus in a way as if he sees it .511  
 I feel that my partner appreciate the efforts I make for bearing pregnancy .527  
 My partner is worried about my and baby’s health .517  
Reaction to needs (9 Items)
 My partner does not understand my physical condition and expects too much from me (Reverse)   .515
 I feel that my partner does not care about me (Reverse)   .501
 My partner has left me alone with all responsibilities of pregnancy (Reverse)   .672
 It is important for my partner that I would not wear myself off by the housework   .611
 Whenever I feel sad for pregnancy my partner do all in his power to help me   .553
 My partner tries not to bother me during pregnancy   .677
 I am sure that at the time of delivery my partner would accompany me to the maternity clinic   .665
 My partner is by my side whenever I need him   .640
 My partner is planning for the addition of the child to the family   .677