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Table 3 Birthweight distribution classified by INTERGROWTH21st and the customized method and proportion of newborns with PI <10th centile, normal PI and PI>90th centile in each of the groups

From: “INTERGROWTH21st vs customized fetal growth curves in the assessment of the neonatal nutritional status: a retrospective cohort study of gestational diabetes”

 INTERGROWTH21stCustomized method
SGA: N (%)11 (4.8%)25 (10.8%)
PI <10th centile3 (27.3% of IG SGA)8 (32% of CM SGA)
PI between 10th and 90th centile8 (72.7% of IG SGA)17 (68% of CM SGA)
PI >90th centile00
AGA: N (%)160 (69.3%)175 (75.8%)
PI <10th centile16 (10% of IG AGA)12 (6.9% of CM AGA)
PI between 10th and 90th centile131 (81.9% of IG AGA)147 (84% of CM AGA)
PI >90th centile13 (8.1% of IG AGA)16 (9.1% of CM AGA)
LGA: N (%)60 (26%)31 (13.4%)
PI <10th centile1 (1.7% of IG LGA)0
PI between 10th and 90th centile40 (66.7% of IG LGA)15 (48.4% of CM LGA)
PI >90th centile19 (31.7% of IG LGA)16 (51.6% of CM LGA)
  1. SGA Small for gestational age, AGA Adequate for gestational age, LGA Large for gestational age, PI Ponderal Index, IG INTERGROWTH21st, CM Customized method