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Table 2 Nutritional status at birth

From: “INTERGROWTH21st vs customized fetal growth curves in the assessment of the neonatal nutritional status: a retrospective cohort study of gestational diabetes”

Nutritional status at birthN (%)
Malnutrition (PI < 10th centile)20 (8.7%)
 - Non-severe malnutrition (PI between 3rd and 10th centile)11 (4.8%)
 - Severe malnutrition (PI <3rd centile)9 (3.9%)
Norm nutrition (PI between 10th and 90th centile)179 (77.5%)
Overnutrition (PI > 90th centile)32 (13.9%)
 - Non-severe overnutrition (PI between 90th and 97th centile)24 (10.4%)
 - Severe overnutrition (PI >97th centile)8 (3.5%)
  1. PI Ponderal index