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Table 3 Summary of associated risk factors for the adherence to iron and folic acid supplementation among pregnant women in Ethiopia

From: Adherence to iron-folic acid supplementation among pregnant women in Ethiopia: a systematic review and meta-analysis

VariablesModelEgger test (P-value)Status of heterogeneityAOR (95%CI)I2 (%)P value
Secondary & above maternal educational statusRandom0.034moderate heterogeneity2.68 (1.25, 5.74)73.80.009
current pregnancy complication with anemiaRandom0.253moderate heterogeneity3.01 (1.88, 4.81)70.80.004
Early registration of ANC (< 16 weeks)Fixed0.76No heterogeneity2.54 (1.99, 3.24)00.596
Good knowledge on IFASRandom0.001Marked heterogeneity2.96 (1.76, 4.99)90.4≤0.001
Having four times or more than ANCFixed0.787No heterogeneity3.66 (2.81, 4.77)00.726
Good knowledge of anemiaFixed0.377No heterogeneity2.99 (2.32, 3.85)00.525
Getting health education about IFASRandom0.0001Marked heterogeneity2.62 (1.46, 4.72)84.7≤0.001