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Table 1 Measurement properties definitions used in the review

From: Systematic review of the measurement properties of indices of prenatal care utilization

Internal ConsistencyInterrelatedness among items.
ReliabilityThe consistency with which different examiners (inter-rater) or two administrations (test-retest) of a test produce similar ratings in an instrument.
Content ValidityDegree to which an instrument includes all the necessary items to represent the concept to be measured.
Criterion-related: Predictive ValidityThe extent to which results of a particular instrument compare with an outcome assessed at a later time.
Criterion-related: Concurrent ValidityThe degree to which measurement results are an adequate reflection of another assessment/criterion.
ResponsivenessThe ability of an instrument to detect change over time in the construct to be measured
  1. Adapted from Mokkink et al. [18] and Terwee et al. [17]