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Table 1 Participant demographics

From: Sleep complaints in early pregnancy. A cross-sectional study among women attending prenatal care in general practice

 Women with moderate or severe sleep complaintsWomen without sleep complaintsχ2 -Test
(n = 277)%(n = 1061)%Test statisticp-value
 Married or cohabiting26093.8103097 .06.7980.0334
 Children living at home15355.262659.01.2810.2739
Education level:
 Primary education9032.531930.112.2630.0065
vSecondary education7426.734732.7  
 Higher education4215.220719.5  
 Sick leave93.2131.2  
Household income:
  < 39,999 EUR4616.611911.212.6810.0129
  > 120,000196.912111.4  
 Do not want to answer4215.214013.2  
Self-rated health:
 Very good238.317216.268.090<.0001
 Very poor00.000.0  
Self-assessed physical form / fitness:
 Very good41.4393.720.7120.0004
 Very poor124.3151.4  
History of psychological difficulties:
 Yes but I did not seek treatment6021.720419.228.773<.0001
 Yes, and I did seek treatment11340.827926.3  
Pregnancy Health Record
   < 25 years4817.312311.69.8830.0196
  26–30 years10136.536334.2  
  31–35 years7627.437335.2  
  36+ years5218.820219.0  
 Smoking during pregnancy186.5726.80.0291.000
 Alcohol during pregnancy20.770.70.0131.000
 Use of recreational drugs10.420.20.2920.5017
 Psychiatric disease3211.6656.19.6180.0038
 Fertility treatment3512.6959.03.3940.0689
Miscarriage, one spontaneous4319.512511.86.5700.1604
 Miscarriage, several times238.3787.4  
 Induced abortion5319,217116.1  
Given birth:
 Yes, once10236.839036.82.0800.3535
 Yes, several times4114.819418.3  
Gestation age, weeks:
 5–10 weeks10940.443542.10.27900.5974
 11–16 weeks16159.659757.9  
  1. Characteristics of all 1338 participating women and the 277 women with significant sleep problems (one or more” moderate or severe sleep complaints”)
  2. Footnote: We have missing gestation age data from 36 women. 29 of these women did not have a sleep problem and 7 women did have one. These were included in the analysis because with a high likelihood they have a gestation age less than 17 weeks