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Table 3 Performance characteristics of biomarkers for short-term prediction of PE

From: Maternal serum glycosylated fibronectin as a short-term predictor of preeclampsia: a prospective cohort study

BiomarkerAUC (95% CI)ThresholdSensitivitySpecificity
GlyFn (μg/mL)0.94 (0.90–0.98)31591%86%
PAPP-A2 (ng/mL)0.92 (0.87–0.97)20087%77%
PlGF (pg/mL)0.90 (0.85–0.96)10081%83%
sFlt-1 (ng/mL)0.92 (0.86–0.97)700084%91%
  1. GlyFn glycosylated fibronectin, PAPPA2 pregnancy-associated plasma protein-A2, PlGF placental growth factor, sFlt-1 soluble fms-like tyrosine kinase-1