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Table 3 Pregnancy and maternal health service related factors of women who give home birth after at least one ANC visit in Ethiopia, EDHS 2016 perspective

From: Spatial clustering and determinants of home birth after at least one antenatal care visit in Ethiopia: Ethiopian demographic and health survey 2016 perspective

VariableCategoryWeighted No of home deliveryWeighted No of institutional deliveryTotal frequency (%)
Number of Parity
 1–6184822044052 (86.78)
Above 6368249617 (13.22)
Gestational age at 1st ANC visit
 ≤4 month10667661832 (39.23)
After 4 months115016882838 (60.77)
Number of ANC visit
 1–3 visit12398962135 (45.71)
≥4visit97715582535 (54.29)
Place (type of health facility) of ANC visit
 Private health facility56206262 (5.61)
Public health facility208421064190 (89.73)
Other75142217 (4.66)
Covered by health insurance
 No215823134471 (95.75)
Yes57142198 (4.25)
Informed about birth preparedness plan during ANC visit
 No12229782200 (47.11)
Yes99314762470 (52.89)
Pregnancy is wanted
 Wanted then176919423712 (79.49)
Wanted later333384717 (15.53)
Wanted no more112129241 (5.16)