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Table 1 List of variables used for analysis and their definition and measurement based on the EDHS 2016 report [20]

From: Spatial clustering and determinants of home birth after at least one antenatal care visit in Ethiopia: Ethiopian demographic and health survey 2016 perspective

Variable nameDefinition (Measurement)
Home delivery after ANCWas defined as women who give birth at home after having at least one ANC visit within five years before the survey
Number of ANC visitWas measured in number and mothers who had at least one ANC visit was considered as having ANC
Number of parityThe number of births given before the survey, including the most recent births among women who give birth within five years before the survey. Above 5 was considered as grand multiparous.
Age of respondentWas age in year of the mothers who give birth within five years before the survey
Household wealth indexIt was computed based on principal component analysis in the major DHS and the detail is available in the main DHS program
Covered by health insuranceWomen were asked about did they have health insurance or not and reported as Yes/No in the EDHS program.
Informed about birth preparedness plan during their ANC visitThis was a Yes/ No question of about have you been informed about birth preparedness plan during ANC visit.
Last pregnancy wantedThe analysis was based on the last (Most recent) pregnancy. And Women were asked about the pregnancy was wanted or not.
Gestational age at 1st ANC visitGestational age at 1st ANC visit was the duration of the most recent pregnancy in months until the women had 1st ANC visit. ANC after 4 months was considered as late ANC visit.
Being exposed to mediaMedia exposure was calculated from the internet use, TV watching, radio listening, reading newspapers and those who score above the median were considered as having media exposure and the rest considered as having no media exposure.