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Table 3 Predictors of hysterectomy in pregnant women complicated with placenta previa and prior cesarean

From: Prediction of cesarean hysterectomy in placenta previa complicated with prior cesarean: a retrospective study

 Regression coefficientOR(95%CI)P value
Vascular lacunae2.0417.701 (1.445, 41.051)0.017
Central placenta previa2.43611.429 (1.395,93.618)0.023
Loss of normal hypoechoic retroplacental zone3.47332.246 (5.886, 176.642)< 0.001
  1. Input variables include: number of cesarean> 1, prior curettage, last Hb before delivery, ultrasonic sign of vascular lacunae, loss of normal hypoechoic retroplacental zone, retroplacental myometrial thinness, placental thickness, central placenta previa, and anterior placenta previa