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Table 3 The performance of MS-AFP for the subdivisions of adverse pregnancy outcomes

From: First-trimester maternal serum alpha-fetoprotein is not a good predictor for adverse pregnancy outcomes: a retrospective study of 3325 cases

Total preeclampsia810.5790.015
 Severe preeclampsia360.5850.079
Total preterm birth1810.5720.001
 Preterm birth at < 32 weeks190.5510.456
 Spontaneous preterm birth1450.5560.023
 Iatrogenic preterm birth360.6310.007
Total SGA (< 10th percentile)3620.5650.000
 Severe SGA (< 3rd percentile)890.6040.001
  1. APOs Adverse pregnancy outcomes, SGA Small for gestational age, FGR Fetal growth restriction by ultrasound definition put forward by Gordijn et al. [21], AUROC Area under ROC curve