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Table 1 Focus Group Questions

From: What about the men? Perinatal experiences of men of color whose partners were at risk for preterm birth, a qualitative study

1) Describe your interactions with healthcare providers and staff
2) What do you perceive as barriers and facilitators to seeking healthcare?
3) What does health mean to you?
4) What have you experienced while supporting your spouse or partner during pregnancy?
5) How would you describe your own health during this time?
6) What emotional and mental changes did you experience?
7) How would you describe your support system?
8) Were you working or taking care of other children?
9) What have you observed in the experiences of other men of color in your family or community?
10) Can you describe your experience(s) of seeking health care during your partner or spouses’ pregnancy?
 • What stands out in your mind? What questions did you have?
 • What would you change about this experience? What would you do differently?
11) What things did you want to know that your health care provider couldn’t answer for you or your spouse?
12) What things did you wonder about after talking with family or friends or after reading about them?
13) What was your experience like with having a baby born early?
14) When you hear that families of color in Fresno have such a high rates of preterm birth, what questions does that bring to mind for you?
15) Do you have any unanswered questions or an uncertainty about what causes preterm birth and how to prevent it?
16) What about treatment of babies and support for families?
17) What questions do you have about the NICU experience?
18) How do you think that answering that question through research will help other MOC/ families?