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Table 2 Crude and adjusted odds ratios of having institutional childbirth related to factors of women

From: Potential factors associated with institutional childbirth among women in rural villages of Lao People’s Democratic Republic: a preliminary study

 Crude OR (95% CI)
N = 302a
Adjusted OR (95% CI)b
N = 295
Maternal age (years)
 Less than 201.00-c
 20–241.40 (0.57–3.41) 
 25–290.87 (0.37–2.03) 
 30–341.03 (0.42–2.50) 
 35 and more0.52 (0.21–1.30) 
Maternal educational attainment
 Secondary and above1.001.00
 Primary0.32 (0.16–0.64)0.41 (0.19–0.89)
 No formal education0.18 (0.08–0.38)0.24 (0.10–0.57)
Work of woman and house owner
 At least one self-employed/Employed1.00-c
 Both Unemployed/Unpaid family work/0.64 (0.39–1.05) 
Ethnicity of women
 Minority0.29 (0.10–0.85) 
Distance from the nearest facility (km)
 Less than 11.001.00
 1–50.28 (0.15–0.55)0.33 (0.16–0.68)
 6 and more0.22 (0.12–0.43)0.27 (0.13–0.54)
Number of children
 One or two1.001.00
 Three and more0.41 (0.25–0.67)0.49 (0.28–0.86)
Maternal knowledge about birth complications
 Do not know0.24 (0.13–0.45)0.27 (0.14–0.54)
Antenatal care during pregnancy
 Received at least once1.00- c
 Never0.05 (0.01–0.39) 
  1. CI confidence interval, OR odds ratio
  2. aExcluded those with missing data in the Table 1
  3. bAdjusted for all other variables in the table except maternal age, work of woman and house owner, ethnicity of women and antenatal care during pregnancy
  4. cVariable omitted in a stepwise variable selection and not included in the multivariate analysis