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Table 3 Risk of stillbirth, death during delivery, neonatal mortality and cerebral palsy according to the time interval between prelabor rupture of membranes (PROM) and delivery

From: Prelabor rupture of membranes and the association with cerebral palsy in term born children: a national registry-based cohort study

Number of births Reference groupIntermediate interval (12–24 h)Prolonged interval (>24 h) 
NPrevalence per 100095% CINPrevalence per 100095% CIORa95% CIbNPrevalence Per 100095% CIOR95% CIP-Valuec
StillbirthYes8671.751.64–1.87391.120.82–1.530.640.46–0.88270.890.61–1.290.510.35–0.75< 0.001
No494,014  34,720    30,305     
Death during deliveryYes630.130.10–0.1680.230.12–0.451.810.87–3.7750.160.07–0.391.290.52–3.220.247
No494,014  34,720    30,305     
Neonatal mortalityYes2200.450.39–0.51250.720.49–1.061.621.07–2.45150.490.30–0.821.110.66–1.880.186
No493,794  34,695    30,290     
Cerebral palsyYes4670.940.86–1.03381.090.80–1.501.160.83–1.61461.521.14–2.021.611.19–2.180.002
No493,327  34,657    30,244     
  1. a OR; Odds ratio. b CI; Confidence interval. c Cochran-Armitage test for trend